This article will describe how to pull an existing live stream in RTMP or RTSP format into the cdn.

This method is not valid for HTTP live streaming formats such as HLS, in which case a HTTP Live Zone should be used instead

It is expected that you are familiar with live streaming and have your own streams already published to your origin media server, such as FMS, Wowza, Red5, Nginx

You should have already created a Real-Time Live Zone

Enter into your live zone and you will be presented with the edit screen. On the right hand side is “Publish & Pull”


In Pull Points, enter a name for the stream (which will be used when playing the stream), and the origin url of the stream.
The origin url should be a rtmp:// or rtsp:// url, e.g. rtmp://

Once added, the stream will start to be pulled in by the cdn.

To play the stream, the same method should be used just like regular “push” Publish Points. Play documentation can be found at  Live Streaming Introduction