W3 Total Cache provides many options to configure a CDN for your website.

For StackCDN we will use the “Generic Mirror” option as you have created your CDN site on the StackCDN Portal already.

Go to W3 Total Cache’s General Settings. Scroll down to CDN section (not submenu) Select “Generic Mirror” option and click “Save all settings” button.w3-total-cache-generic-mirror

Without a Custom CNAME

Then go to W3 Total Cache’s CDN Submenu. Scroll down to Configuration section. In “Replace site’s hostname with:” field you can enter your account’s DNS record: “%variable%.c.stackcdn.io/yoursitename/”.


Use of SSL

When not using a custom CNAME, you can still use our Shared SSL option. Simply select it from the SSL Support menu in W3 Total Cache.

With a Custom CNAME

If you have already configured a custom CNAME , you can also paste value of CNAME here. In this case, enter the name of the CDN Site name as you configured it on the StackCDN Portal.


Note: if you haven’t set up a CNAME but would like to, you can set one up to point to “%variable%.c.stackcdn.io”.

Use of SSL

When using a custom CNAME, using the shared SSL certificate will result in a certificate warning. (which is unwanted). When using a custom CNAME with SSL, you need to enter your custom SSL certificate information in the StackCDN Portal. It is located under the “Extra Configuration” section for each site.


It will open the following dialogue that will allow you to paste in your Certificate and Key


Testing & Saving

Next, click “Test Mirror” button. If you get positive response, click “Save all settings” button to save changes.


Finally, clear your page cache. W3 Total Cache will remind you about this. But this time you shouldn’t ignore it!

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