This articles will guide you through Site creation process.

Site creation is extremely simple with StackCDN Portal.

Follow “Sites” subsection of “Object Delivery” section


Press “Add New Site” button


You will see following site creation dialogue


Select Owner (Available for Account Managers only)

Select site owner from the drop-down menu.

Site Name

Fill in desired site name

This name will be the pointer to your content. There are two ways to use it

  1. In your DNS setup, create a CNAME record (i.e. from your custom hostname to your account’s DNS record.
    (It’s visible in your “Account Info”, formatted as ““)
    Access content via
  2. Use the name as the first part of the file path with our domain:
    Access content via


Fill in site Origin location

This should be a http:// or a https:// URL to the server containing your files which the CDN will cache

Finally hit “Create site” button to complete site creation.

That’s it!

You can read more about Sites Management in a corresponding section.

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