Object Delivery provides information about sites you can manage.


Opening the “Sites” item in the menu presents you with a list of all the sites you currently have under your control.


It directly allows you to Enable/ Disable an individual site, edit it or delete it from the CDN completely.


Pressing the Edit button brings up the “Site Management” screen.


Opening the “Statistics” item in the menu presents you with the advanced statistics page that allows you to reference the statistics for all sites under your control.



Picking Site & Timeframe

You can use the pull-down menus at the top of the page to select the specific site and the timeframe you would like to see the statistics forstats-sites-timeframes

Overall Statistics

The three boxes on top of the statistics page shows you the overall statistics for a chosen site & timeframe amount of data that has been transferred, the amount of HTTP(s) requests and the cache-hit rate for a specific site during the chosen timeframe.


 Traffic Graphs

The graphs below show you the total traffic and HTTP(s) requests/second for the chosen timeframe. This will allow you to investigate your traffic in the desired level of detail. These graphs will update automatically if you switch the timeframe.


Geographic traffic information

This section shows you the usage of a CDN site across the world to determine where its visitors are located and what the most popular areas are. It shows both the amount of data that has been transferred to- as well as the amount of requests that have been made from a geographic area.


You can zoom in on the world map

By default, it shows the information on a continent-level, but you can unlock more details by clicking “Display Detailed Countries Statistics“.

This will show the statistics for individual countries & automatically redraw the world map with more detail.


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