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What is Site?

Live Zones

What is Live Streaming Zone?

What is the difference between HTTP and Real-Time Live Zones?

What is Transmuxing for HTTP Live Zones?

What is the difference between Restricted and Unrestricted Live Zones?


How do I configure my Custom CNAME?
In your DNS setup, create a CNAME record from your custom hostname to your account’s DNS record.
It’s visible in your “Account Info”, formatted as “

  • To enable global delivery, select “Global” from the dropdown menu behind the DNS Record.
  • For restricted delivery to Europe and North America, select EU/US from the same dropdown.

Does StackCDN have a RESTful API?

Yes! We’ve actually built our own Portal on top of a RESTful API that’s accessible to any user.

Full API documentation is available here:

What happens when I run out of credits?

As the moment of your credit depletion approaches, you’ll receive multiple emails to remind you to take action.
However, once your credits do run out, your sites will be disabled and content delivery will stop.
(Note: If you’d like to make other arrangements, i.e. auto-renewal on traffic buckets, please contact your account manager)

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