This is the page you land on after logging in, showing you the most relevant information about your CDN account.

The Traffic & Requests graphs, the CDN effectiveness and the currently active sites you can control.


Dashboard Graphs

These graphs give you a quick overview of what’s happening on your CDN account. It shows you the total traffic and the amount of requests per second on your account, aggregated across all individual sites.

The timeframe for this is fixed to show last 24 hours. If you would like to view statistics for a different timeframe, please see the “Statistics” section



This shows the percentage of requests that have been served from Cache versus the ones that have been served from the origin server.
This metric is a quick way to determine the current effectiveness of the CDN: The higher the percentage that has been served from cache, the more effective the CDN. (And the more load has been relieved off your Origin server).


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